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Access Microsoft Azure virtual machines right from your desktop notification area!

Download latest - ver. 1.3.161

other platforms

Windows client

What is this all about?

UseVM client application allows quick access to Azure resrouces right from notification area. Current version supports access to list of virtual machines, start, stop and connect in just one click.


Cross Platform

Runs on any desktop - supports Windows, Mac and Linux.


We don't store passwords and ask your consent every time. Your security is very important for us.

Microsoft Azure

Manage both classic and new (resource manager) Virtual Machines.

Automatic Start

You can start and connect to your virtual machine in one click.

Native RDP

This will run your default RDP client to start remote session or download RDP file.


Virtual machine becomes automatically deallocated when switched off.


Instant access to new funcationality.

Quick look

Your Ad hoc virtual machine

You may start remote session in one click right from your desktop. The app lives in notification area for quick access.

UseVM makes it super easy to start, stop and connect to your virtual machines hosted on Microsoft Azure.

That is for users who want to use virtual machines on daily basis but don't want to pay money for the time it is not in use. You may save up to 76.25%* if you timely deallocate resources.

* based on 8 hours daily usage 5 days a week


Windows OS


Get started

Step 1


You should have your Microsoft Azure Account. If you don't have one you may register for free.

Step 2


Download UseVM application. It works for any platform and is comming with simple installer powered with auto-updates.

Step 3

& Authorize

Every time you start the app you will be presented with a consent dialog asking for granting access to manage your infrastructure on your behalf.

Step 4


Benefit from quick acess to your Azure resources!

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